Luchtgekoelde VW Club Nederland - Aircooled VW Club Holland

The LVWCN was founded on April 11th 1973. Our goal = to preserve aircooled VWs and to keep them as original as possible. The LVWCN is a national association, divided into 6 regions. There are about 1050 members and 2000 club-cars

  Vehicles that are accepted:
* TYPE 1: beetle and beetle-cabrio(Karmann) (all years)
* TYPE 2: bus, camper, transporter and all derivatives (1950-1982)
* TYPE 3: notchback, fastback and squareback (1500-1600 all years)
* TYPE 4: 411-412
* Karmann Ghia, type 1 and 3
* Porsche 914
* Kübel- and Schwimmwagen
* Type 181 (Thing)
* Coachbuilts based on the aircooled VW pan (Hebmüller, Fridolin)
* Clubmagazine: "De Luchtboxer"
Appears 8 times a year.
* Clubshop
The clubshop sells nice club memoriabilia and lovely VW books
* Parts-warehouses (for members only):
(visits on appointment)
Rare parts for Type I, II, III & IV
* Meetings:
At least 2 national meetings a year, besides lot's of regional activities. Check out our meetings calender
* Contribution:
€ 35,- a year (registration fee new members € 7,50). Familymembers € 10,- (no registration fee)
* Personal ads:
Members get 3 free ads in "De Luchtboxer" a year
Non members pay € 9,- per ad
The LVWCN is a member of the dutch Federation of Historical Car- and Motorcycle Clubs (FEHAC)